331 Things to Do – #89 Kiddin’ Around in the Olympic National Park.

Meet Ruby Mitchell, a 6 1/2 year-old from Bend, Oregon. Ruby shares her favorite Olympic Peninsula adventures with us as she and her family and friends explored every nook and cranny of the Olympic National Park and Port Angeles over Spring Break. We’ll have Ruby take it from here!

“My name is Ruby Grace Mitchell and I am 6 1/2 years old. I just graduated from Kindergarten at Highland Elementary School and will be a first grader in September. For fun, I like to do art, ride my bike, hike, play with my dog, Lola, (and my sister) and my new turtle named Shelly.”

Why did you pick the Olympic National Park for your vacation?
“We studied the Olympic National Park in my class. The entire Highland School studied National Parks and we got the Olympic National Park. My sister studied the Everglades in Florida.”

Who did you go with?
“My mama, sister, and friend from my class, Molly, and her family.”

Would you like to come back? And what do you want to do when you come back?
“YES! I want to go to Hurricane Ridge.”

What are the best things for kids to do here?
“Hike and play at Ruby Beach, of course.”

What was your absolute favorite place or activity while you were here?
“Ruby Beach!”

Why should other kids come to Port Angeles and the Olympic National Park on vacation?
“To hike, see the big trees, and the rainforest.”

Ruby’s Favorites

Favorite Restaurant: Nextdoor Gastropub in Port Angeles

Favorite Place: Feiro Marine Life Center in Port Angeles

Favorite Hike: The Olympic Peninsula rainforest

Favorite Beach: Ruby Beach

Photos by Ruby’s mom, Rene Mitchell


Trees you can climb in


Art you can climb on



Mossy rocks to hide in



A selfie at Ruby Beach



Trees you can (almost) hug



Naturally, Ruby’s favorite beach is Ruby Beach in the Olympic National Park



Lakes you can dive in. Ruby goes for a dip in Lake Sutherland near Port Angeles




Sister time


Kid-Friendly Restaurants in Port Angeles, WA

The best vacations are spent with friends and family