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Bookings available through February 27

Thursday – Saturday, 4:30pm (dusk) or 5:30pm (full darkness)

Book online: http://www.pafac.org/wintertide-light-art-park-tours.html

Cost: Base price $30 (up to 2 people) + $10/each additional person

**Must book at least 24 hours in advance**

​What to expect

Get out and get curious! This private guided tour will give you an insider’s perspective on the lighted artworks currently installed in Webster’s Woods Sculpture Park for Wintertide.

How you will engage

Your tour will begin in the circular courtyard of the Webster House, where you’ll meet your guide and share introductions. We’ll have flashlights and hand-warmers ready to keep you cozy as you venture into the darkness. Follow your guide on a meandering walk through the sculpture park, where you’ll learn more about each of the lighted artworks in this winter’s exhibit. This is your chance to discover what inspired the artists and hear insights from the curator about what makes each piece stand out. You’ll get to explore some of the technologies that create different lighting effects and consider the specific challenges artists face when exhibiting art in a public park. 

What you will gain

In addition to plenty of fascinating insights, your tour will also include time to engage with the artwork and share your own observations. Through simple questions and reflections, your guide will introduce a variety of ways to engage your mind, emotions, and multiple senses as you experience the art.  Whether you’re new to the arts or a lifelong art-lover, you’re sure to come away with a deeper appreciation for light art, and perhaps some creative inspiration of your own.